Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my most favorite mom ever!IMG_2646.JPG


My First Bow Buck! -Jared

God provided a way for me to bow hunt the rut although I didn’t expect to be able to! My season started out terrible with me missing four deer! Needless to say my confidence was SHOT. after missing a very nice buck and a doe Saturday morning, I asked God to give me the next deer i saw regardless, and believed Him to do just that! An hour later I looked over and 60 yards away was a seven point buck busily sniffing a doe trail like a dog. I was in a stand in a small island of trees where Mariah and Nat hunted during youth season. He didn’t look like he was going to head my way so I used my grunt call hoping he’d come. His head snapped up and he looked my way but couldn’t see me camouflaged in the trees. I hit the grunt again and he came on a beeline! He entered the island of trees straight behind me and I carefully stood up and turned around, drawing my Hoyt. He angrily thrashed the brush with his antlers, thinking another buck was stealing his doe. As he moved into my shooting lane, I released, the muzzy broad-head slicing through him right behind the shoulder blade! Best sounding thwack ever. He ran 80 yards and piled up just inside the trees where I could drive almost right to him. I am so blessed! He’s the first buck I’ve taken with my bow. Lots of work and persistence paid off! Now to get a doe!IMG_0196


I shot my second deer last evening at 6:59 (4 minutes before shooting light ended). It was another 5-point. It was was very windy and rainy so it was overcast. I have a smooth bore twenty gauge. I could see my bead at first so I got on the deer then everything went fuzzy so I shot. He went down like a sandbag. We went over to it and I didn’t even know if it was a buck or a doe, which is fine because I had an either sex tag. As I said it was a 5-point buck- with a bullet hole through his head!!! Thank you Jared for taking me out yesterday, and thank you dad for buying my tag. Good times!!


After an uneventful morning, besides a dumb squirrel, an even dumber cat wandering past the tree stand, and a deer sneaking through the underbrush at lightning speed, I am ready for a nap.