Hard work…

Today Justin, Mariah, and I cut down A LOT of tall weeds in our pasture with only machetes. Loaded up tons (not literally tons, but you get my drift) of scrap steel, aluminum, etc. etc. We started at exactly 11:30 And finished up for the night at around 6:00. I am plumb tuckered out!mach.jpg

Machete Man


Total highlight of the debate! LOL

Marco Rubio: How would you know, You don’t even speak Spanish?

Ted Cruz: (starts speaking in Spanish)

LOL Rofl

Let’s Party!

Last afternoon/evening we had a party for my 13th birthday. We went hiking at Wildcat Den, ate amazing food, and played Bull in the Ring and Red Rover. We all had a BLAST! We also played Bottle Punt (a game we made up on the spot) where a person (Jared) swung on a swing with his feet out and 2 people (Mariah, Abby or Anna) stood on either side and threw a water bottle back and forth and Jared tried to punt it with his feet.

Lookout spot
Devil’s Punch Bowl
Fat Man Squeeze
Skinny Man Squeeze. I was about12 feet up on a very thin ledge.
My cake! YUM!

Thank you to everyone who came for an awesome party! Love y’all!